10x-pert Workshop - Single-Cell RNA-seq Sample Preparation Techniques and Best Practices

Posted By: shauna-10x, on Sep 11, 2017 at 8:29 AM

We recently kicked off our online, interactive 10x-pert Workshop Series with our first session - Single Cell Sample Preparation Techniques and Best Practices.  Hosted by R&D scientists and 10x-perts, Jessica Terry and Jill Herschleb, this workshop covered topics from general do’s and don’ts to deeper dives into two of our demonstrated protocols for preparing nuclei for single-cell RNA-seq and removing dead cells.  Following the presentation, we also hosted a lively Q&A session.


Watch the session recording and find links to single-cell sample prep resources below.


Recording table of contents

  • General tips and best practices: 3:25 – 17:25
  • Demonstrated protocol – Nuclei isolation for single-cell RNA-seq: 17:30 – 34:20
  • Demonstrated protocol – Removal of dead cells from single-cell suspensions: 34:23 – 41:00
  • Open Q&A session: 41:00 – 60:00




Single-cell sample prep resources


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