10x-pert Workshop - de novo Assembly with Linked-Reads & Supernova 2.0

Posted By: shauna-10x, on Feb 1, 2018 at 8:18 AM
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On January 30th, 2018 we hosted our 7th 10x-pert Workshop: de novo Assembly with Linked-Reads and Supernova 2.0, featuring 10x R&D scientists David Jaffe and Nikka Keivanfar.  David kicked-off the presentation with a look at the Supernova Assembler and assembly performance metrics for Supernova 2.0 across a range of species, including human, insect, plants and more. Nikka followed David and presented improvements to our high molecular weight (HMW) DNA sample preparation protocols and introduced a new protocol for DNA isolation from a single insect.  Following the presentation, David and Nikka answered audience questions during an open Q&A session.


Watch the session recording and find links to 10x de novo assembly resources below.


Recording table of contents:

  • Why use Supernova for de novo Assembly: 1:50 - 7:45
  • Performance Review - Supernova 2.0 v. 1.2: 7:45 - 20:35
  • Improvements to HMW DNA sample preparation: 20:35 - 29:30
  • Q&A Session: 29:35 - 52:45




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