Single Cell Summer Webinar Series

Posted By: shauna-10x, on Jun 26, 2018 at 9:00 AM

We are pleased to introduce you to our new and upcoming Single Cell Solutions!


Join the CELLebration and connect with our R&D scientists and Product Management team during our live online webinar series where we’ll provide more in-depth information on our new products, preview exciting data, and discuss the various applications these products enable. Our hosts will give a 30 minute presentation followed by an open Q&A session. 


Explore new releases:


Single Cell CNV icon_for blog.png July 12, 2018
Single Cell CNV: Achieving Single-Cell Resolution of Genomic Heterogeneity
  • Find out how the Single Cell CNV Solution provides high resolution information to reveal genomic heterogeneity and study clonal evolution
  • See how single cell genomics compares to bulk sequencing and delivers more power to reveal the types and proportions of subclonal populations
  • Learn how we characterized intra-tumor heterogeneity by profiling spatially separated sections from a primary breast tumor

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July 26, 2018

Single Cell Immune Profiling: High Resolution Profiling of Adaptive Immune Context and Repertoire in Mouse

  • Learn more about how to simultaneously examine hundreds to tens of thousands of T and B cells on a cell-by-cell basis, now for mouse!
  • Find out how you can measure T cell receptor, B cell immuno-globulin, and gene expression from the same cell
  • Understand how our technology allows you to gain valuable insight into paired, full-length V(D)J sequences and the ability to detect rare clonotypes on a cell type sub-population level

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Preview upcoming releases:



July 19, 2018

Single Cell ATAC: Interrogating Chromatin Accessibility and Regulatory Landscape at Single-Cell Resolution

  • Find out how you can profile the open chromatin landscape of thousands of individual nuclei
  • Learn about our easy, scalable and reproducible workflow
  • Find out how you can apply the Single Cell ATAC Solution to different research areas

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August 2, 2018

Single Cell Feature Barcode Technology: Simultaneously Examine Gene Expression and Protein Abundance or CRISPR-Mediated Perturbations in the Same Cell

  • Learn more about how Single Cell Feature Barcode Technology enables high resolution genetic screening and enhanced single cell phenotyping of complex cell populations
  • Find out how you can simultaneously measure 3′ gene expression and identify guide-specific CRISPR-mediated perturbations or infer protein abundance from oligo-conjugated antibodies
  • Understand how the Single Cell Feature Barcode Technology integrates cellular protein and transcriptome measurements into a single-cell readout

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August 9, 2018

Single Cell Feature Barcode Technology: Cellular Characterization and Mapping of Individual T-Cell Responses at Scale

  • Learn more about how combining Feature Barcode Technology with the Immune Profiling Solution enables integration of cellular surface protein, transcriptome, repertoire and antigen binding specificity measurements into a single cell readout
  • Find out how you can link full-length, paired, TCR alpha and beta chain sequences to their target antigen with high specificity and sensitivity
  • Understand how to characterize the cellular phenotype of the same single cell at the cell surface protein or gene expression level

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