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Scientists from the Department of Translational Genomics at the Keck School of Medicine, USC used the Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution to revisit a well-studied melanoma cell line, COLO829. Previous attempts to resolve the heterogeneity of this cell line using multiple bulk methods were considered inconclusive due to the “averaging” nature of these methods. Now, using low coverage single cell copy number profiling, researchers believe they have uncovered four unique clones.
10x Genomics has partnered with GENEWIZ to sponsor the Single Cell Genomes Scientific Challenge. We want to hear how you can use our single cell DNA solution to study genomic heterogeneity and advance your research. Share your innovative ideas in a 300 word proposal before June 30th for the chance to win a single cell DNA project.
We're excited to announce our Single Cell Summer Webinar Series. Join us to hear from our R&D scientists and meet our new and upcoming single cell solutions for CNV, ATAC-seq, mouse immune profiling and feature barcoding.
The second European User Group meeting for 2018 took place in Uppsala, Sweden at the SciLife Lab. Over two days we saw many great talks from both 10x staff giving software demos and customers sharing their success stories.
Our 3rd North American User Group Meeting of the year took place on Thursday, April 26th, in Chicago, and we were thrilled to see so many members of the 10x community there!
AACR 2018 is officially over! It was a great conference and the last day was no exception. 
AACR 2018 might be more than halfway over, but it didn’t show any signs of slowing down today. It was another jam-packed day full of highlights, starting with a Symposium on cell fate and treatment response
From posters to talks to our Exhibitor Spotlight co-sponsored with Miltentyi Biotec Day 2 at AACR 2018 was all about single cell genomics!
Today was a big day for 10x at AACR 2018! Not only did I get to check out a bunch of great posters and talks featuring 10x technology, but I also got to attend the 10x Genomics Workshop, “Revealing the True Biology of Cancer."
We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution. Combing high-throughput single cell profiling with genome-wide copy number variation (CNV) information, our new solution enables researchers to reveal genomic heterogeneity and understand clonal evolution.