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Researchers recently introduced a new software package for simulating Linked-Reads call LRSim. In a new paper by Luo et al., the authors demonstrate how the software can be used to optimize Linked-Read sequencing results.
In a recent Bioinformatics publication, researchers presented ARCS, a new application that uses 10x Linked-Reads to further organize draft genomes into highly contiguous assemblies.
The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) annual meeting continued in Orlando, FL and Thursday bought our 10x Software workshop "Intuitive Tools for Sequence Analysis: Crunching Genomic, Single-Cell, and Immune Repertoire Data Using 10x Chromium™ Software” and an exciting PerkinElmer workshop where they discussed "Linked-Reads: Enabling Robust Genome Analysis from Dried Blood Spots”.
Single-cell RNA-seq enables researchers to examine gene expression on a cell-by-cell basis providing insights into the function and regulation of complex biological systems.  In our recent 10x-pert Workshop, R&D scientists discussed single-cell RNA-seq data analysis tools, including Cell Ranger™ analysis pipelines, and performed a live demo of Loupe™ Cell Browser for data visualization.
Linked-Reads provide long-range information enabling structural variant detection and phasing of genome and exome sequencing data.  In our third 10x-pert Workshop session, our R&D 10x-perts provided an overview of the Loupe™ Genome Browser for structural variant detection and took closer look at visualizing simple structural variants and deriving complex events.
Get the most out of your Linked-Read data with Long Ranger™ version 2.1.4: improved run-times, extended support for NovaSeq and more.
Using 10x Linked-Read technology combined with standard, short-read sequencing, Dr. Noah Spies and his team at Stanford University were able to develop a statistical method for complex structural variant detection—Genome-wide Reconstruction of Complex Structural Variants (GROC-SVs).
The Supernova™ Assembler enables true diploid assembly from Linked-Reads and the latest release makes everyday de novo assembly more accessible than ever.
Profile full-length paired V(D)J transcripts from hundreds to millions of lymphocytes with the new Chromium™ Single Cell V(D)J Software Suite – part of the Chromium™ Single Cell V(D)J Solution.
There’s a growing number of data analysis tools being developed for single cell and Linked-Read applications, including gene expression, genome assembly, structural variant detection and more.  Check out the list we’ve compiled so far.
The new Loupe™ Cell Browser makes it easy to perform single cell analysis to identify cell populations, isolate significant genes and measure expression levels - even for million cell datasets
The latest release of Cell Ranger™ Software 1.2 for single cell data analysis includes updates for scalability, usability and analysis improvements.
With the power to interrogate complex systems, comes the need to analyze complex single cell datasets.  10x Genomics and the single cell research community are working hard to develop computational solutions that are approachable to both seasoned bioinformaticians and beginners alike.
Dr. Rahul Satija will demonstrate how to use Seurat – an R toolkit for single cell RNA-seq – to discover, classify, and interpret cell types and states from large-scale scRNA-seq datasets.   
  We are excited to introduce the latest evolution in 10x Chromium Software, Supernova 1.1, Long Ranger 2.1 and Loupe 2.1.