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Re: Introduce yourself to the community

Posted By: EmilyG, on Nov 11, 2016 at 6:16 AM



My name is Emily, I am a technician in the Molecular Genomics Core that resides in the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute in downtown Durham, NC. Our core provides an array of services from Illumina microarray technology to Taqman genotyping to our newest venture into 10x Genomics products.


I enjoy being apart of a core facility because it allows me to work on a larger scope, touching many different kinds of research and also working with different types of technology. I always get that little bit of satisfaction after finishing a project well done.


When I'm not thinking about genomics, I like to read, paint, bake and cosplay at nerd conventions.

Re: Introduce yourself to the community

Posted By: james, on Jan 3, 2017 at 7:14 AM

Hello, I’m James Hadfield and I run the Genomics Core at Cancer Research UK's Cambridge Institute. We run seven Illumina sequencers and are doing a fair bit with the Chromium single-cell technology. We process a huge variety of samples, primarily on HiSeq 4000, from around 500 users at 11 institutes/departments. Moving over to the 4000 has not been easy and we've discovered some nasty surprises on the way! I've been using NGS for almost ten years, and before that set up one of the first microarray facilities in the UK.


I'm a big believer in communities talking through problems so hope this one will be useful to all of us 10X users. I've been a contributor to SEQanswers for a long time (although this has lapsed recently).


My lab is making a large investment into single-cell services and we've both 10X and Fluidigm for now. It's going to be interesting to see how methods develop on the different system and I'm hoping 10X open up their chemistry so we can play with it a bit more.


I write the Core Genomics blog and have recently set up as a new site for my blog, a new home for the Google Map of NGS systems (soon to include 10X), and a new wiki for NGS methods (coming soon).


In my spare time I like cycling, climbing, walking; I enjoy gaming with my son (nerdy games like Talisman, Carcassonne and Magic); cooking and brewing. I'm also aiming for my Karate blackbelt in the next couple of years.

Introduce yourself to the community

Posted By: Luciano2018, on Mar 8, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Hi peeps,


I'm Luciano, I live in Melbourne (Australia). I’ve been working in NGS for 8 years. While I love research what I like the most is the development, si I guess R&D it is. I worked on single cell during my post-doc at MSKCC (here I developed Single cell copy number profiling from FFPE tissues) and also did some genome engineering work (we came up wuth the firt protocol for making chromosomal translocations in vitro using CRISPR and HDR) , then I moved to cfDNA (which I hated to love it), now I moved back to single cell but to RNAseq (which I hated too...and I am learning to love).


I'm glad to be part of this. I hope we can share ideas, protocols, brainstorm and create.