HMW DNA extraction from plant leaves - chili pepper

Posted By: Jill-10x, on Feb 7, 2017 at 3:54 PM

HMW DNA Extraction from plants is challenging.  We recommend following protocols written for large-insert BAC libraries or optical mapping.  Typically, these protocols involve preparing a purified nuclei suspension from pant tissue and embedding the nuclei in agarose.


One alternative is the CTAB extraction method. Allen Van Deyze and Kevan Stoffel from UC Davis extracted DNA from chili pepper leaves using a protocol they optimized for maximal DNA quality. The HMW DNA was ~200 kb on a pulsed-field gel, and 53 kb after running the Chromium Genome Assay (measured by the Supernova assembly algorithm). 


Their customer developed protocol is available for download here.


General sample prep advice for plants can be found in our Sample Prep Guide,