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Welcome to the DNA Sample Prep Forum

We invite you to share your DNA sample prep questions, expertise and protocols in the spirit of collaboration and innovation. In addition to highlighting our sample prep resources, some of our in-house sample prep experts will be here to help answer your questions.

User Guides (for use with de novo, genome & exome applications)
Chromium™ Genome Reagent Kit v2
Chromium™ Genome Reagent Kit v1
Technical Notes
Sample Preparation Recommendations for the Chromium™ Genome Kit
Supernova Guidance: Sample Requirements and Library Considerations for de novo assembly
Demonstrated Protocols
HMW DNA Extraction from Fresh Frozen Tissue
HMW DNA Extraction from Whole Blood
HMW DNA Quality Control
DNA Size Selection to remove DNA <20kb or <40kb
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Welcome to the DNA Sample Prep Forum!
POSTED BY: Jill-10x, on Feb 7, 2017
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