SPRI selection on single cell VDJ

Posted By: Nico_h, on Dec 17, 2018 at 12:18 PM

Hi 10X community,

We are actually testing the Chromium Single cell V(D)J with feature barecoding technology for Cell surface protein protocol (CG000186 RevA) for our experiment.

We are at the page 43, where we need to make the spri selection of the GE+V(D)J and the Hashtag oligo for the separation.

Protocol told us to make a 2.0X seperation by adding first 60uL of spri for 100uL of DNA (0.6X) which is understandable, but the second separation for the HTO is done by adding 70uL for 80uL of supernatent. So we don't understand how we can have a 2.0X spri concentration (if we take 60+70uL of spri for 100uL of DNA when we start) we are at 1.3X of spri ? Is it a mistake in the protocol or something that I missed?



Thanks a lot